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After the final split of 7 Thunders, my frustration at not keeping a band together had taken me to a place of reluctant but somewhat inevitable acceptability; the idea of ever 'succeeding' in any significant material way was like an unappreciated joke whispered in the backstage of my life, and a fantasy I'd grown absolutely tired of believing in. All the efforts I had made for so many bands had ended in the same results...just as the band and music reached a stage of refinement (after months of rehearsals, etc) that would be comparable to, and even competitive with the commercial music market and industry...the end always came in one form or another.

I had given up on the idea of a band, but certainly not music! Thus when some of my old musician friends conspired behind my back to entice me into yet another band, after wooing, and tempting me with juicy jams, and interest in playing the songs, I agreed.

I did want there to be no mistake about my reasons for doing it, and my reasonable expectations for a follow through of commitment on every musicians part who wished to play in the same band as I. For this band I drew up a contract. That contract was totally non-binding, but provided a focalized object of agreement, and served quite well as a reminder for us in time of emotional reaction to musical frustration. Everyone did sign that agreement, and all but 1 member held to it until we declared it null when we renamed, and reformed the band.

As True Believers, we were in keeping with the Rock 'n Roll journey that began as campfire music in the Rainbow, but was truly born, and empowered in ARC. Though I had been in other bands, also just as dynamic in their own way, with True Believers I felt like the spirit of the music coming home. True Believers was family.

A 'true believer' was something that we all were, still are, and regardless of a few snide opinions about the name, we would have kept it were it not for a discovery made by our Bass player (Grant) in Relics Records.

Another band by that name had recorded an album, and seemed to be fairly well established. That was a minor upset, as any bandsman who ever attempted to think of a name would know, and add that to current events of the time, namely the media hype portraying David Koresh as a crazy cult leader (which I suppose he was in a way, but then thanks to the Bush regime, and the FBI, and CIA, we may never know for sure), and all his followers as 'true believers.'

Damn, time to change the name.


Only one here. World of Illusion. A fine rendition, even if the sound is not the best.
Hopefully a few more of those old tapes will survive long enough to record digitally.
There simply is not enough time.