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The story begins near the end, but starts in the middle.
And that my good friend, is the nature of a riddle.

In 1980, one fed up high school teacher, a wealthy philanthropist, a conservative-minded college professor, and a homeless teen from the streets of L.A. are swept up in a wave of synchronistic events interwoven between themselves, the past, the present, and ultimately the future. Drawn from completely different lifestyles and paths, these four men become linked together in an ancient struggle between humanity and another, darker consciousness.

Martin, Stan, Phil, and Pye.
They dream. They Love. They have visions.
They play music. They philosophize.
They travel through time.

There are many secrets in the past, but can Martin, Stan, Phil, and Pye find them
in time to save the future?

The adventure unfolds in Wormwood book one- Seeking Time
and continues in book two; "The Scroll."

Book three - "The 13th Angel" coming soon.

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