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We all knew what it meant, but most everyone else had not a clue. After True Believers, we saw it as a plausible and logical next step...since we all agreed TBs (as a name) had to go.
Never in all of the names, bands, changing of the members was the original concept of 'Promotion of the Truth' ever in the background. Thus Merkabah was quite in keeping with the ongoing philosophy of the music.

MERKABAH is the "Vehicle of vehicles." It is the wheel within the wheels that occupies the space between, astride, and outside of time. The Merkabah is the glorious chariot of light which guides all Children of the Light on their path. The word comes from ancient Kabalistic mysticism, but for those who have experienced the Merkabah, no other explanation for the experience really comes close. One who would refer to the Merkabah as a 'U.F.O.' did not have the experience. The ship which was our Merkabah had a great crew. Every one on board that starship knew how to fly, and some evidence still exists of that fact.

Alas, like all the other bands before it, Merkabah was doomed by the Music Industry, and white Rasta posers. Our local bio-realm was inundated with the nauseating mediocrity of that particular attitude and vibration, and though claiming 'spirituality' they could not produce when challenged, and found distinctly White Anglo Saxon, Right Wing Republican pleasure in feeling superior to our poor company. We gave it our best shot anyway, and here are some examples.

The band began to fall apart for reasons some of which were unavoidable, and some were definitely having to do with personal avoidance. There were irresolvable issues, and an offer for land in Colorado became an available alternative to the continuing rejection in Oregon.

At the end a couple of great musicians; Rick, and Craig volunteered to help the band continue in Oregon by replacing our drummer and bass player. We rehearsed for a short time, and were ready to do a gig, but at the last moment the gig was canceled, and there just didn't seem to be any place for Merkabah in So. Oregon.
That was the 'Oregon' chapter of Merkabah.
The story continued in Colorado.

Having left the vital parts of Merkabah behind. I had set the idea of a Band in the back of my reality, and really had no real intention of continuing Merkabah in Colorado. Music of course was still in the forecast, but the revival of Merkabah was not. Yet an unlikely event caused it anyway.

The resulting experience brought Ebram into the band as bass player at the age of 17, gained us many friends in Colorado, and the unending hatred and animosity of the local constabulary. When our drummer left us in the wake of drunken patterns of destruction, Josiawa was asked to be the drummer. After 2 weeks of thinking about the seriousness of the commitment, he agreed, Merkabah was respectfully laid in it's place of repose, and Generation was born.


Merkabah generated a lot of recordings, and if God is willing and the US Gov doesn't bring down Armageddon. I intend to put them here for your enjoyment (or disgust, depending on the color of your spirit.)