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Rainbow time is the unknown but discernible space between now, and then. It is the moment in which unlikely synchronicity is most likely to occur.

Once there was a time when magic was accepted as the norm in that underground social/spiritual space in time known as the Rainbow, once the music was new, and we sang and played with joy and fervor. The Rainbow still exists within the parameters established many years ago, but though the generation that now occupies that space does so with all the best of intentions, the preceding generation left more confusion than clarity...but that is a story best told in a sacred space and manner, and not (at this time) for public record.

However for the purposes of music, and sharing here are some very rare musical examples of that time and space, the beginnings of the music and musicians which evolved through the bands and music to the present day.

Here are some excerpts from a mystical musical event known as "Snow In January." And for those who like to read more into a word or phrase than was actually meant or intended, the word "snow" was about the little frozen flakes that fall from the sky, not George Bush Jr.'s favorite nose candy.

Recorded at the in/famous Rainbow Farm, in days of innocence long past. This recording was originally done on a '70's model mono cassette recorder with the chassis microphone, so no excuses are made for quality.

There were more than several, but less than many folks there that night, and it was open for everyone to participate, so you will hear various sounds other than the music. There were at least 3 or 4 other actual musicians that came in and out through the course of the night, and one who valiantly kept up with me through the entire event. Originally there were 4 hours recorded, but negligence on the part of someone to whom I loaned the tapes to years ago led to the recording over the first half hour, and one of the tapes has unfortunately been lost.

I hope to get them all here eventually, but sound editing can consume much time...enjoy.

and as the snow began to fall...