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New Wine began in fact, and in spirit, as a sequel to ARC, though with new blood, material. and inspiration. We were raw, and the equipment was still the same leftovers from ARC, so our sound in the beginning was effectively raw as well. The spirit of brotherhood, truth, and the recovery of the New Covenant continued stronger than before. A lot of the music from this period seems to have some strong christian overtones, and it is no coincidence that we have used such names as these for bands, for nearly all of us are, or became followers of YSHWH.

We felt personal obligation to clarify the bland mediocrity of the doctrines, and lukewarm spirit of modern christianity. When we are so bold as to name ourselves after that which we have sought, there is a certain amount of actualization that occurs. Make of that what you will.

New Wine explored some new musical horizons, getting in on the (at the time) new home recording technology (4-track).

There was a lot of jams in many music rooms, and living rooms, and backyards. Many recordings were made, but most have been lost or damaged. Only one concert was ever performed by New Wine, though I and it's members have played and performed together many times in various bands and venues.

That concert was recorded almost in it's entirety, and it is the first to be converted.



Cole B.
Jerry S.
Michael C.

and a few un-named musical passersby