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Generation began as Merkabah ended.
An all family band, Father, Mother, and two sons.

Generation performed regularly in and around Saguache Colorado for a couple of years. Directly descended from Merkabah, the spirit of the music remained rooted in the truth.

We played mostly for free, getting the support from both local protestants, and the Mormons. However, at one point we received a revelation.

As the leader of the family, and of the band, I had tried for years to integrate with the christian church, interdenominationally, without much success.

I was willing to make many concessions in order to get the music out there, but the last straw finally came one Sabbath (Saturday - the Sunday-worsihp was one of the compromises).

We had been playing all summer that year, every Saturday in the park sharing the stage with some local christian musicians, who performed 'praise and worship' music during our breaks. The minister and his wife provided free chili dogs and cool-aid for the people. It was a great scene, one that we looked forward to every week.

As the weather began to get cooler, we decided to take the music indoors. The church was a wonderful log-built hall with perfect acoustics. The altar area was the prefect stage.

Only 2 people showed up that evening, a couple of christian bikers who were going to sleep in the church. We played for them. They loved us, even holding up their bic lighters at one point as a a show of their enjoyment. Even though our audience was only two, we played well, and went away feeling real good about it.

That evening the minister called us and told us that the 'builder and caretaker' of the church had decided that our 'kind of music did not belong in the church.' I was astonished.

I prayed about it, and the answer came from the gospel. There was nothing left for me to do but end my compromises and capitulations with what I know to be error. Therefore, I went to church the next day, with my acoustic. I played one last time, then went outside, took off my shoes, and beat the dust off. I walked away and never returned

It was not long after that that we went back to Oregon for a visit, and ended up staying. After a few years the name was changed to FAM.

Generation made 3 Cds;

- (some songs re-released under FAM)-