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Edensongs was the name of my first studio...which had at it's heart a fostex 4-track. It is also the name of a collection of songs that I recorded mostly by myself. Also pertinent is the concept from which I derived the name. In keeping with the plan of reclaiming and revealing the sacred covenant (mentioned in previous band description and music history) I conceptualized a foundation that would support and promote those who supported truth and spiritual revelation, specifically through the arts. That foundation, if it had ever found any patrons, would have been the "Edensong Foundation."
The only substance that it ever amounted to is evidence in the music. Some I find humorously amateuristic (I am not much of a drummer, for example), yet the songs are there, and retain the freshness of the time in which they were recorded. During this period which precedes and overlaps New Wine, as well as Drastic Measure, several really good songs were written and recorded. Some few of those songs won't make it on this site for quality control (yes there is a point of rejection) alas some irrecoverable to the point of being perhaps lost. There are enough from the 3 albums recorded 'under the Edensongs label' to put Edensongs on this audio map you are traveling.





Michael C.