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Ark Reclamation Covenant began as a result of much spiritual questing, combined with an understanding of the magical potential of music based on the shared psychedelic journeys of two Rainbow troubadours; then known as Abin and Vision.

The concept of the "New Covenant" has no doubt been discussed by many clergy and religious folks for two millennia, yet none quite as candid and stark as those images first seen at the beginning of a lifelong quest for Truth.

Our dialogue and discussion continued over the space of several years, interweaving our Rainbow time quite freely with the rest of our lives and relations, in an un-republican display of exercising personal liberties, realizations were made, and conclusions rendered.

The first revelation was that the "covenant" that we were seeking to create within a brotherhood, already existed. The revealing of that spiritual agreement between the most high spirits of man, implies a cooperation and agreement which exists substantially before, and beyond our time. The revealing of that collective understanding was/is the labor of fellowship, not the creation of it.

In the natural course of life, every human being comes to the threshold of the knowledge of death, and must choose how they will deal with that knowledge. In my journey to that unwanted awareness, I perceived this as a great chasm, or abyss that represented an obstacle to my destiny which I could clearly see continued on the other side of the bottomless canyon. In the holistic vision with which I saw this imagery, I also saw the choices that most of the rest of humanity had made in the past were still being made, and would probably continue to be made well into the future, and those choices astounded me. It was at this moment I suppose that the last vestiges of childhood naiveté were being stripped away. At the first understanding, I could not fathom how what is determinately 99% of all humanity throughout all time and history, could have failed so miserably to adequately address this issue, let alone deal with it! It was like...though I could clearly see the wide crack in our reality, everyone had turned their backs to the horror, and pretty much pretended that they were totally unaware of the situation. No one wanted to talk about it, you bring it up and you could see the fear in their eyes, and feel their powerful desire to run away.

One cold and snowy night somewhere in one of those high Alpine towns in Arizona appropriately named for the situation, this dilemma was brought to the table of the spiritual brotherhood which exists where only those who are can find it, and Abin and I came to another startling revelation...

Based on observation of actual documentable events occurring in the world, combined with scriptural, and historical research, as well as personal experience, it was determined that there was an (as yet) undefined (to us) source of evil and destruction in the world, and a possible cause for the fault line in our reality.

Thus it was agreed that the first part of the revealed covenant of the 'brotherhood of light' was;

The recognition of, identification of, isolation of, and removal of the adversary.

Therein lies the tale

And so the ship that was ARC was born, dedicated to revealing the Truth, and illuminating the darkness of illusion and ignorance. We thus co-spired to reclaim the magic covenant of the Arc which holds the promise of hope for an eternal bridge across the chasm of death.

It was a short lived band, but the experience was magical and powerful

influencing us all in many ways.

In 2010 the band got back together with Chauntawe Hubbard as bass player, and then in 2011, Eagleheart came back into our lives after over 20 years, and we did an epic performance at the Hope Mountain Barter Fair. Some of those tunes are included here.

Alas, in 2013, Eagleheart passed on to the next plane, and then in 2017 Abin passed away as well. Leaving only me of the original band. There will be no more ARC.


No Excuses are made for the state of these recordings, or the quality and content. They are offered as is for friends of the music and the band.


Rob AKA "Eagleheart"
Jim H