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  1. After All
  2. A Little More Light
  3. Angry Man
  4. Brighter Day Thanks to Michael Cogger for the backup vocals. Recorded in 1988.
  5. Broken Wheel Live recording 2005
  6. Callin' You recorded in 1988
  7. Can You Feel It? recorded in 1988
  8. Center Of the Wheel
  9. Center Of The Universe
  10. Cosmic Astronaut Themesong for "Across the Multiverse" - an animated story by Nick Zentor
  11. Dead White and Blue arrangement by Todd "Tongo Clarke"
  12. Dead Religions Studio Version
  13. Do You Know What Time It Is?
  14. Don't Forget War
  15. Ever Really
  16. Face Down In The Mud
  17. The Faithful Man
  18. Final Door
  19. Fools Paradise
  20. Free Blowin' Wind
  21. Freedom
  22. Freedom Buyers, Liberty's Chains
  23. Google Blues Special thanks to Logan R. for his guitar riffs.
  24. Gone
  25. You Gotta Get In To Get Out
  26. Hole In My Mind
  27. How Long
  28. I Can Sing No Love Songs
  29. I Did Not Write This Song For You
  30. If They Only Knew
  31. In The Garden
  32. Just Say "no!" To Thugs
  33. Las Dance At The Edge Of Time
  34. Long Time Gone Away
  35. Love Is Burning
  36. Madmen in High Places
  37. Matter of Design
  38. Millennium
  39. Mirror
  40. Mr. America recorded in 1988
  41. Mr. America: 2020 New Version: 2020
  42. The Morning Shelter
  43. New Dawn Of Tears
  44. Nicodemos
  45. Not Enough Care
  46. Not The Way You Think It Is
  47. No More Runnin' From The Light
  48. Now Here It Is
  49. On Facebook
  50. Own Way
  51. Prime Time Haze
  52. Radial Soul
  53. Real Rainbow
  54. Rule Of Love
  55. Seen A Better Day
  56. Shining On You
  57. Society's Fool
  58. State of Nowhere Original Album Merkabah - "Bootleg"
  59. Stop Killin' Love
  60. Survival Is My Day Job
  61. The Dreamers Dream
  62. The End Of The Night
  63. Time In The City R.i.P. Abin: Drums Eagleheart:guitar vocal backups
  64. The Way Of The Rainbow Warrior
  65. To This Moment
  66. Touched By Love
  67. True Believer
  68. Unfinished Love Hubbards and friend.
  69. Walkin' On The Earth Much thanks to Jim Hancock for his mandolin and vocals
  70. Well Alright
  71. Your Love

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